Testing the Fujifilm X-Pro2

Right! So I'm thinking of converting to CSC!

Yesterday I attended I little workshop to try out the insanely brand new CSC (mirrorless camera) Fujifilm X-Pro2 as part of a competition prize that was run by Amateur Photographer Magazine, and well what can I say? I went with a very open perspective as until yesterday I was a CSC virgin! I arrived fairly early due to my poor memory thinking it was 40mins before it actually was, but hey, it gave me a chance to chill for a bit and look at the toys in the toy shop (I say toys, I mean thousands of pounds worth of various photographic equipment).

I was a bit quieter than usual as my old neck injury is causing some serious problems right now but nevertheless I spoke with some guys (and 1 girl) about cameras and photography and quickly looking round the room I realised I was the youngest by far! I was under the impression we would sit and be spoken to for longer than we were but it was literally a bit of info about what Fujifilm have been doing to make their special brew of CSC cameras stand out against the rest and an introduction to the Photographers that would be showing us these cameras in more detail - Wayne Johns and Jim Marks (look them up, they've both done some really nice stuff!).

I was in a group with Jim, a somewhat reminder of my old mentor, only younger. Around 7 of us crammed into a little room and were given X-Pro2's to play around with, get to grips with the controls and just explore the software and all it had to offer.

Shortly after a few wise words, a model came in and sat for us under a Continuous lighting set up. Now when I first started this journey I was convinced Strobes were the way to go, hence why I am now the owner of 4 Elinchrom 400's and a Bowens 500, as time has gone by I look at the kind of stuff you can do with Continuous lighting and I'll be honest the fact you can drop down to f2.8 and not have the image resemble a blank piece of paper is more my style. Shallow DoF portraits are just beautiful! But anyway, I digress! This model (Jocelyn her name was) sat down and all 7 of us shot like mad capturing these shots. As much as I would have preferred a one-to-one session with Jocelyn, without 6 other cameras clicking away beside and behind me, and have her fully focused (no pun intended) on myself, my camera and my directions, I unfortunately didn't. I made the very most of my time there, directed her where appropriate and got the shots I wanted.

We ended the day with an SD card full of shots, I printed out one of my favourites, spoke with the guys from Fujifilm, thanked Jim Marks and with my spine feeling splintered bamboo, I left to get my train home.

All in all I was very impressed with the performance of the camera, the lenses available and the quality of the images. I have no doubt that I will be owning one of these cameras very soon. I do, however, have some thinking to do on whether I use it as my preferred camera for work...

Pictures below, as always comments are encouraged and appreciated.

Keep an eye out for my next post which will be all about my recent trip to Spain to visit my old mentor.