A Photographic kind of Morning in Whitstable

I woke up this morning with hope and ambition.

From time to time I like to wake early and shoot what the world has to offer. Most days It's what's outside my front door, and today was no exception! Like many Photographers, I believe that you should be taking photos almost constantly. This is just one of the ways I like to hone my skills and keep our photographic eye sharp. An act shared by so many of my photographic brothers and sisters.

This morning I woke earlier than usual. To not only make the most of one of the more mundane days of the week (a Tuesday) but also because I wanted to go for a walk this morning and take pictures.. for fun!

I packed my bag with the essentials and a freshly formatted CF card, hooked my new tripod onto one of the straps and headed out. The cold seemed bearable for the beginning of my walk as I headed to Whitstable High Street to get a much needed coffee from Costa. 

Coffee now in hand and I, ready to shoot, headed for the beach, which as you locals are aware, is only 2 roads off the High Street. That's when the cold hit. That's when the almost blistering wind rendered my hands slow and as I was drinking a coffee at the time, pockets weren't an option.

I didn't get my camera out for some time. I just walked along the seafront, drank my coffee, took in what a stunning morning it was and enjoyed the great tradition that only occurs when out before a certain time, saying 'Good Morning' to the people you pass.

After I had finished my wake up fuel and got to the place I wanted to start shooting, I sat on the stones, pulled my camera from my bag and I listened. I listened to the birds, the wind, the trains passing behind me, looked around and began to shoot. Slowly walking from beach to beach, taking pictures and enjoying the morning. At one stage I was crouched beside a groyne for 30 minutes, attempting to hide myself from the Oyster Catcher and Redshank I was stalking.

Days like today, days where I wake full of hope and ambition, walk early in the morning and make pictures. They are the days I live for. They're how I start every job I do. And they're how I aspire to wake each day.