2016! New Website, New Me

Welcome everyone to a brand new year!

Last year was greatly successful and I just can't wait to get this year under way! For the last few months I have been working on getting this website up and running and finally, we are here!

On here I will posting all things about the work I undertake, from Corporate Headshots to flying to Ireland to shoot a Wedding!

Whether you're a follower of my work or not I will just remind you all of the things that can happen while out on a job..

Before Christmas I was shooting some Corporate Headshots for a company when I decided to take the shoot outside where it looked a bit nicer than a plain white background. Now while I can't show you any images from the shoot (due to a confidentiality discussion had with said company) I did take a photo of my hand, as I normally do when shooting outside, just to check how harsh or soft the light is and generally see how shadows would fall on a face!

I get back home to edit the shoot and slightly got fixated on one of the pictures I took of my hand! 

Now this isn't anything new for me, to come across a picture that wasn't supposed to be 'a picture' and become fixated and end up absolutely loving it but there we go.

Anyway, my deepest thanks for spending the time to come a take a look at my shiny new website! Happy New Year and I hope 2016 brings you everything you wish!