Jack Peilow Photography Proof Page - [enter name]

All images are Copyright 2018 to Jack Peilow. Any use of images without prior written permission will be subject to lawful action. 

Here are some very low resolution proofs, for you to go through and pick.

I personally like all of this collection but the shots [enter text] are my favourites! By all means completely ignore me if you don't agree, chose whichever ones you want. 

I've currently only done slight colour and exposure corrections, concentrate on facial expressions etc when making your decision. The final edits will be more extensive. 

As soon as you come to me with the chosen 5, let me know the numbers and I'll do full edits and then send over large size and small web size as soon as they're done. If there are some you want in black and white tell me which ones they are and I'll do that for you too.

If, however, you decide you'd like more than 5 then just let me know how many you'd like and I'll quote you a price.

Hope you like them, [name], it was an absolute delight to photograph you.