Beards of Whitstable

If you missed your opportunity to come see my exhibition, fear not. Here are the shots from my 2013 series and 2017 Exhibition 'Beards of Whitstable'.

Exhibition Books are still available if you're interested in getting a copy, please fill in the form below.


The ‘Beards of Whitstable’ series ran in 2013 as an idea to engage the people of Whitstable in a collection of images.

Originally it started out as pulling members of the public who had interesting faces in off the street to sit for a portrait. It was only until a third of the way through shooting did I see a pattern emerging. That pattern being that the majority of these people had facial hair.

With the theme firmly set, I could then focus on bringing the right people in and occasionally asking people I knew personally to add to the series and sit for a portrait.

The series itself ran for around 4 weeks until I had a collection of 30 individuals.

Shortly after I finished, the series was posted on the internet and briefly published in the local paper. 4 years later I got around to exhibiting this series in 2017.

This is 'Beards of Whitstable'.

Beards of Whitstable Exhibition Book

This perfect bound book featuring full page images of the series accompanied by each of the sitter's occupation is for sale at £20. If You're interested in buying a copy, fill in the form below and I will contact you with the details. 

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